The panoramic camera for professionals with deadlines

LizardQ is the smarter and more productive solution to high resolution 360°×180° HDR panoramic imaging. Enjoy fast, automatic and reliable operation from capture to stitching and viewing your spherical images (up to 500 Megapixel).

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New Manage assets visually with LizardQ Binder

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Capture time starts at 15 seconds

Works at night

Great image quality, uses Canon EOS professional cameras


One button to press, auto exposure, drag&drop image processing



Up to 30 f-stops of dynamic range


Free Viewer

HDR panorama viewer for Windows and Mac

Politie Netherlands ÖbVI Petersen Auto


Forensics, public safety, CGI/photography, survey, industrial/offshore, and more

The LizardQ Process

The LizardQ Process

Visual Content Management with LizardQ Binder

What it does:

  • More than just a virtual tour: LizardQ Binder lets you visually connect data.
  • Multiple interlinked spherical HDR images provide a comprehensive understanding of a scene or facility.
  • Localize sphericals and other items on a map.
  • Add detail images and other data such as PDF, video, audio.
  • No data in the cloud! Securely stores images and other data locally.
  • Export your project and share with colleagues and customers.

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Camera Resolution Options

The LizardQ system delivers 100, 200 or even 500 Megapixels of spherical image resolution, depending on the type of lens and camera in use.

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See for yourself

Click on the image to look around inside the spherical sample image.

You can use the buttons or the mouse to pan and zoom. Also try fullscreen (rightmost button)!

More sample images here


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Display full spherical HDR images on Windows and Mac. No installation required. Freely distributable.

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