Our Awesome Customers

Whenever we can help our customers create outstanding results, deliver an excellent job, or achieve something that was not possible before, that is what makes our day.

Our awesome customers include (order determined by fair dice roll):
RECOM, Crime Sciences, Meyer Werft, virtual surfers, R2S, steinzeit mediendesign, Staud Studios, Politie (Nederland), MAGROUND, …

"We have been very happy with the LizardQ and use it all the time. Our supervisors have told us they want it used at all sudden death scenes as well as all major incidents. We no longer use video. We have had it for quite a few years now and I am impressed with the quality (it has never broken down on us). It is also appreciated that you have always gotten back to us quickly if we have questions."
Constable Robert Etherington
Kingston Police Force
Ontario, Canada
"The LQ is the right tool for reliable continuous use around the globe. We love it. Have a look at the huge collection of stunning 360ies on our website!"
Jens Mueller CEO
MAGROUND 360 sample
"Our equipment and investments in state-of-the-art surveying methods such as terrestrial laser scanning and laser tracking in combination with our LizardQ ensure you receive only highly efficient, modern and superior services from our surveying company."
Michael Petersen
ÖbVI Petersen
"The LizardQ makes it possible to quickly and accurately record a crime or incident scene for later review."
Gerard Schakelaar
specialist expertise
Politie, Landelijke Eenheid
KLPD: at work
"LizardQ makes my life »on set« easy, simple and really flexible to use all my energy in making good pictures!"
Thorsten Jasper Weese
CGI Director / Managing Partner
RECOM: Lexus
Client: Lexus / Agency: Team One / Photographer: Uli Heckmann / Art Director: Kevin Mitchell
CGI Director: Thorsten Jasper Weese / CGI + POST: RECOM
"Here is an example of a LizardQ spherical image from a Scottish Murder scene, it was used in the High Court to demonstrate the view which a witness would have had, and was successful as the Jury were able to understand exactly what they had been able to see."
Andy Rolph †
Forensic Division Director
R2S Scottish murder scene
"The LizardQ's effortless speed doesn't just make for faster shooting: it is a new quality. I can take HDR panorama shots that I thought were plain impossible before, e.g. amidst uncontrollable crowds, traffic jam, poor lighting and even during brief stops on a driving bus. The LizardQ allowed me to shoot an impressive portfolio of Paris with a small team, just in a few days."
Peggy Stein
Owner steinzeit-mediendesign
steinzeit-mediendesign: Paris

"Sensational!" (Stephan Romer after unpacking the box)

"Sensational!" (Stephan Romer after several successful productions with his LizardQ)

Stephan Romer
Stephan Romer: Ferrari