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Aug. 2, 2017

This is how your 10,000th panorama feels like

We got an email today by our customer Yves, with an enthusiastic report about the 10,000th panorama captured by one of his LizardQ units. We love it! Thank you Yves!

Yves will now be busy going for the 20,000th capture, which we look forward to hear about again.

While we don't have any statistics about the majority of LizardQ devices that are out there, users are sending information or service logs for some units from time to time, which enables us to estimate a total count of LizardQ sphericals ever captured. This estimated count is now nearing 400,000, with an estimated 150 sphericals being added day by day on average.

Own a LizardQ? Let us know your panorama counter, too! (please be sure to mention your LizardQ's serial number)