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April 27, 2016

200 and 500 Megapixel available now

Today LizardQ releases support for the new 50 Megapixel Canon cameras, namely the EOS 5Ds and EOS 5Ds R. Shooting at more than double the image resolution than the EOS 5D Mark III had before, spherical HDR image size goes up from 100 to 200 Megapixel. Customers can upgrade by just swapping out the Canon camera body and using a different USB cable. Download and install the firmware and Stitcher/Viewer upgrades and you're good to go.

Also new: 500 Megapixel! Using a high-class Zeiss 18mm Distagon lens in place of the Sigma 15mm fisheye, spherical image resolution is boosted to a stunning 500 Megapixel when used with the new Canon cameras. While image capture takes twice as long (starting at 30 seconds, 1 minute typical at daytime), having five times more detail than before is certainly worth the tradeoff.

LizardQ is now offered in three resolution flavors: 500, 200 and the classic 100 Megapixel. For a comparison please see resolution options or ask us to discuss your specific application.

  • Existing customers wishing to upgrade their LizardQ to 200 or 500 Megapixel can do so by ordering the Zeiss lens kit and/or the USB cable needed for connecting the EOS 5Ds / 5Ds R camera bodies.
  • Our future customers can now choose between the original 15mm lens or the Zeiss 18mm lens (or both!) as well as one of several camera bodies for maximum flexibility in getting exactly the tool you need.

With this release, new pricing goes into effect. We have been able to keep our flagship 500 Megapixel solution at about the price the 100 Megapixel was before. The classic 100 Megapixel and the 200 Megapixel solution have been adjusted downwards. There are now separate Sigma 15mm and Zeiss 18mm lens kits.