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Aug. 20, 2011

Experimental WebGL Panorama Viewer

3 years in business, 3 years of success stories! I wish we could share some.

What we can share is the approximate number of panoramas that have been captured using LizardQ camera systems: 36000. On average, that is 30 panoramas per day. This number of course has grown recently with more devices shipped, a reasonable estimate is an average of about 80 per day right now. While you could do this with just a single LizardQ, people seem to take their weekends off ;-)

Now you wonder, how do we know the number of panoramas that are being shot? No, our Stitcher software doesn't phone home secretly. Instead, customers will occasionally send us image files for review or relate the reading of their panorama counter to us. We write down the latest reading for each camera.