Visual Content Management with LizardQ Binder

LizardQ Binder is a visual content management software targeted towards professional use in fields like industrial mapping/surveying, crime scene documentation, scene reconstruction and others. It allows you to create a virtual tour of your scene or asset/facility based on HDR spherical panoramas and floor plans augmented with additional information like photos, videos and documents. The key feature is the ability to link any information visualle to the place where it belongs, making for an intuitive navigation of a facility.

Need a demo?

Please download and run:
Windows LizardQ Binder Demo Project

(Windows only at this time, need it for Mac? Tell us.)

The demo file is a prepared project you can use to familiarize yourself with the features and operation of LizardQ Binder. This demo version of Binder will only work with the images contained in the sample project and is limited in the number of assets it can handle.

If you like what you see and are thinking about how to use it with your own data, please contact us to arrange a time-limited evaluation of the full product.

Visual Content Management

Centered around the LizardQ spherical HDR image technology, LizardQ Binder provides the means to put spherical images together to form a comprehensive visual representation of a scene, facility or estate. More than just a virtual tour, a LizardQ Binder project can incorporate any and all information that pertains to a scene.
LizardQ Binder Screenshot

Use maps and floor plans

Vital to organizing the visual information about a facility or an estate is a map, a floor plan, or any number of those. Spherical images can be localized on a floor plan with a single mouse click, orienting them to have the right viewing direction is just as easy. You can also link maps to maps, creating hierarchical groupings.
Screenshot TBD

Export and share

Projects can be exported and distributed freely to any stakeholder. A project contains all of its data as well as the LizardQ Binder application in one folder. No need to install anything, no need for administrator privileges on a PC.

Note: LizardQ Binder is a Windows application and exported projects will run on virtually any Windows PC. Exporting to the web (HTML) is currently not implemented.

Enhance with detail images, PDF documents, videos and URLs

Import additional files that represent your assets, like JPEG images, video/audio files, PDF documents and add them visually to your spherical images and maps. This means you can localize additional information to the correct spot in any image or floor plan. You can also add URLs in the same way, linking to external web pages or databases. Short textual notes can be placed anywhere, providing further information about the things you see.

Organize your data using color-coded tagging and keywords

Any visual link, whether an image, a document or other, can be tagged with a keyword that can optionally be color-coded as well. Keywords are freely configurable.
Viewer included

No cloud. Your data is stored locally.

LizardQ Binder does not store any data in the cloud – it uses local storage exclusively. It doesn't even need a permanent network or internet connection. If your requirement is that your (and your customer's) data is not uploaded to someplace you don't control, then LizardQ Binder is the solution for you.